DisplayLink Attached Display Adapter and Ubuntu/Linux

Had this great little adapter:

DisplayLink Plug and Play Universal docking Station
DELL Model: D3000

Worked pretty well under Windows.

    Can’t get it going under Linux.

Getting a bug report into the folks at Ubuntu is pretty straight forward. But, boy, can getting help from the main kernel.org mailing lists be a chore.

After posting in the correct format to several kernel.org lists finally the linux-fbdev list indicated:

“That Dell dock is using the newer DL-3×00 chips. There’s no way to get the graphics portion working for Linux on that.”

So if you are working on the same issue you can read all the gory details of my bug post at:


If you are a developer trying to get Linux/Ubuntu/DisplayLink (newer chipset) working I would be happy to help you test your product.

Being able to drive a couple/few monitors off a USB 3.0 port seems to be something that Linux should be able to do. Again, I’m not a systems developer but I would be happy to help any developer/vendor efforts along these lines.