jTDS, Glassfish v4 & RAR7114, RAR7114

I’m using jTDS in a new application that runs in Glassfish v4.

I very much like the driver as it is fast. But, it seems that it doesn’t support setting ClientInfo. The result is that I’m getting many log entries along the lines of:

INFO: RAR7114:Unable to getClientInfofor connection
INFO: RAR7115:Unable to setClientInfofor connection

Not a big deal but it does clutter up the logs. These are just INFO level logs. So, until the driver supports this feature just log into the Glassfish Admin console and change the log level for the logger making these entries:

Admin Console (YourServer:4848)
Click on "Configurations"
Click on "server-config"
Click on "Logger Settings"
Click on "Log Levels"
Click "Add Logger"
Enter "javax.enterprise.resource.resourceadapter.com.sun.gjc.spi" into the new "Logger Name" field and change the "Log Level" to "WARN"

Glassfish will stop entering these messages into your log.

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