Kaspersky — cannot find the path

Had a bit of difficulty installing Kaspersky Security Center Network Agent on a Windows 8.1 machine. I was getting this error:

Error while installing: The system cannot find the path specified.

Junction points seemed to be the issue.

cd C:\ProgramData
rd "Application Data" /Q
mklink /J "Application Data" "C:\ProgramData"

Rerun the install program and things seems to be fine.

8 thoughts on “Kaspersky — cannot find the path

  1. I tried it but after the (rd “Application Data” /Q) command it says Access Denied…?


  2. run the command prompt as admin.. “Run as Administrator”


  3. doesnt work on kasperksy vpn soft? win10prox64

    tried the above commands in admin cmd AND STILL NO JOY?

    can anyone help please?



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