Enable RSS in JSPWiki

Real Simple Synidication is one of the useful features of JSPWiki. When your users subscribe to the RSS feed using an RSS reader they will be updated automatically on any new additions or changes made to the Wiki’s content.

Its an easy way to keep eveyone up to date.

To enable RSS on your JSPWiki uncomment and edit the properties file and set the following variables:

jspwiki.applicationName = Example Wiki
jspwiki.baseURL = http://wiki.example.com/JSPWiki/
jspwiki.rss.generate = true
jspwiki.rss.fileName = rss.rdf
jspwiki.rss.interval = 1800
jspwiki.rss.channelDescription = Example Wiki Channel
jspwiki.rss.channelLanguage = en-us

Redeploy JSPWiki and you will see the orange RSS icon on the main page!