JSPWiki End User Confusion

My instructions in earlier blog entries for setting JSPWiki on Glassfish results in an installation that only allows access to the wiki based on a pre-defined list of users entered into a database. Users, in my configuration, can’t add themselves to the JSPWiki system or reset their passwords.

However, the login page of the wiki had led some of my users to believe that they could add themselves and even reset password.

To avoid this confusion edit the JSPWiki\templates\default\LoginContent.jsp file and comment out these files located near the end of this file. (JSP comments look like this ):


Don’t have a password? Join now!
Lost your password? Get a new one.


You will, of course, have to re-create the war file and re-deploy the wiki application on Glassfish for the changes to be made apparent.

One thought on “JSPWiki End User Confusion

  1. I really recommend to deploy it as a directory, to avoid redeployments.And to prevent users to add themselves, you can restrict it by configuring its policy file (jspwiki.policy). Just comment the anonymous part, at “WikiPermission” “*”,”editProfile”// permission com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.permissions.WikiPermission “*”, “editProfile”;


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