JSPWiki/Glassfish Install (Part 18 of 18: Discussion)

Glassfish over SJSAS?

One question you may have is “Why use Glassfish and not SJSAS?” Well, for this project I needed to use a JDBC realm. This doesn’t seem to be an option in the current release of SJSAS.

How am I setup in Production?
In my production environment I’m not sure I would use MS-Windows. I don’t have anything against Windows but I found that when I started using Linux a few years back, after a bit of a learning curve, it seemed to be put together pretty well. On my own network I’m running my JSPWiki on Ubuntu Linux, Java JDK6 and Glassfish. My hope is that eventually the Java JDK and Glassfish will be native packages on Ubuntu and part of the regular Ubuntu distribution. But for now I run Microsoft Specific stuff on my Windows server and everything else on Linux.

Also, I understand that there is a group out there working on making Solaris “Ubuntuish” which, I think, is centered around integrating Solaris and the apt package manager. I really like this idea as it would lower the hurdle for getting Solaris into my company.

Being as I like Ubuntu so much why base my article around and install on Windows?

The learning curve in administering and grasping the concepts around Java EE is a bit steep. My target for the article was the small or single person IT shop. A lot of small organizations run Windows and I figured that getting to familiar with the Java EE server was enough to swallow in walk through.

Now what?

First, of course, put your JSPWiki to good use. Now that you’ve got Glassfish installed maybe you will find another useful application to deploy into your Glassfish server. Or, maybe you could download a copy of NetBeans and take a shot at writing your own application.

Anything else?

Yes. A quick word about motivation. Beyond what I wrote in my Initial Post, I do believe the Java Opensource Community to be a very worth while community. I do code in Java but it is. more often than not, “scratch an itch” business programs; I’m not a systems programmer. I felt that if I could not contribute code maybe I could summarize what I’ve learned, the hard way, about these tools.

Perhaps, because these instructions are here someone (in a small organization) who might not have considered employing a Java EE solution due to the learning curve might give it a shot; growing the user community.

In short, I saw an opportunity to give back!

I hope you found this series of posts helpful and I encourage you to post and comment as you work your way through its various sections.


4 thoughts on “JSPWiki/Glassfish Install (Part 18 of 18: Discussion)

  1. Hello.I understand you chose Glassfish over Ubuntu. Still you make it sound as if you could install SJSAS on a Ubuntu server. Can you tell me how? I’m in a very big jam with this. I really need a step by step on doing this installation.Thanks.


  2. The choice I actually make is not Glassfish over Ubuntu but Ubuntu over Windows. Ubuntu is an OS based on Linux. Glassfish is a Java EE Application Server. Glassfish runs on both Ubuntu and Windows.Ken Kranz has written a blog on how to get Glassfish running on Ubuntu: http://blogs.sun.com/kkranz/entry/setting_up_glassfish_on_ubuntuIt might be a good place for you to start. I will say that glassfish-v2-b58g seems to run very well and reliably on my Ubuntu 7.04 (fiesty) server.


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