JSPWiki/Glassfish Install (Part 12 of 18: Wiki Storage)

Before we actually being modifying JSPWiki’s configuration files the first thing we want to do is create and organize a directory to house the content created by JSPWiki activity.

Add the following sub-folders to our C:\java directory:


Our “java” folder now looks like this:

C: java

Locate the JSPWiki archive you downloaded earlier. This file should be named “jspwiki-2.4.100-bin.zip.”

  • Decompress this file.
  • In the new folder that was created, “jspwiki-2.4.100-bin”, you will find several other zip archives. Find the file named “JSPWiki-corepages.zip.”
  • Decompress this file
  • Copy the contents (not the folder) of the “JSPWiki-corepages” to C:\java\jspwiki\pages