Dennis R. Gesker is a technology executive based in Montana, USA.


Having 30 years of experience in the information technology field Dennis is proficient in a number of core technologies covering the scope of the Open Systems Interconnection Model; OSI Model.

More simply put Dennis supports the entire technology stack from hardware through to end user facing software systems including cloud systems design and security implementation strategies.

Technology Portfolio

Candela Global is primarily a holding company for technologies developed by Dennis, his associates and clients.

Recently the intellectual property portfolio submitted two patent applications relating to revealed economic behavior in social media systems and integrating consensus based blockchain technologies with traditional relational database systems. These new portfolio holdings are embodied in US Patent filing numbers 18/323408 and 18/323409 and the demonstrator technology code was implemented in Java/Quarkus and Rust using the K3s implementation of Kubernetes.

Current Activities

Dennis is presently engaged in supporting Aveum Systems, Inc. in formulating their technological roadmap for developing massively scalable DNA information systems and related technologies which will enable the construction of identity systems that are hyper-secure, cryptographically rigorous, AI/ML backed and are at the same time AI resistant.

Aveum Systems, Inc. is a Delaware Corporation operating in the US and Europe targeting pilot programs in Africa and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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